Top 10 most popular posts of all time

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Berges Institute just turned 4! In light of the occasion, let’s take a look back at the 10 most popular posts published in La Eñe. (Many of them were actually posted before it was called “La Eñe”!) Here they are!

10. Five Spanish and Latin American popular music genres

Flamenco, salsa, tango, bachata and ranchera. For each genre, we recommended some artists/albums. You might want to re-read this post and discover new music (sung in Spanish, of course!)

9. Common Mistakes

This post got a lot of visits when it was first published. The 5 common mistakes that we hoped this post would help fix were: dropping the “personal a”, translating at as a, using quedar instead of quedarse, making the nouns programa, sistema and problema femenine, and using preguntar por or pedir por instead of just using pedir. If you’ve made any of these mistakes recently, you might want to read this post again!

8. Notes on ‘ser’ and ‘estar’

«María y Eva están en Nueva York. Ellas son de Barcelona. María es estudiante y Eva es dentista. Ellas están muy cansadas.» / Jazz Guy (Flickr: Street Photography in NYC), CC BY 2.0

Do you always use ser and estar correctly? Most people don’t… Is it estoy or soy enfermo? What about feliz? Check out this post, it might shed some light on the use of these two verbs!

7. Berges Institute’s top ten movies in Spanish

In this post, we recommended ten great movies in Spanish. How many have you seen? As you probably know, watching movies/TV in Spanish is a great way to improve your listening skills and vocabulary, so take a look at the list and try to find some of them and get some popcorn!

6. Is it POR or is it PARA?

As you probably know, por and para are tricky. If you are not comfortable using them, read this post, try to write some examples for each use, and then try to take this quiz. It will help you a lot!

5. The Graf Method – How It Works

In this very old post (2013!) we explained (or at least tried to) how our teaching methodology works. If you’ve taken classes with us, you already know. If you haven’t, well, here are some examples!

4. Texto usando verbos reflexivos

Students often find reflexive verbs complicated. In this text, some common reflexive verbs are used in the present, pretérito perfecto, and pretérito imperfecto tenses. Can you explain your daily routine using those three tenses?

3. Ten great songs in Spanish

Here are 10 fantastic songs by 10 amazing artists. If you like them, try to find the lyrics, print them out, learn them, and sing along!

2. Five shows in Spanish

Have you seen any of them? Narcos’ new season is round the corner! Also, Velvet is a students’ favorite. Find out which one is your favorite and treat yourself to some binge-watching sessions!

1. Five Apps

As you probably know, there are some fantastic apps out there that are very useful to reinforce your second language skills. Duolingo is great, and so is WordReference! Have you already tried them all?

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