Ten great songs in Spanish

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Here are ten great songs in Spanish. If you find the lyrics, print them, and listen to the songs, you will learn a lot of vocabulary!


1. Tiramisú de limón
Artist: Joaquín Sabina
Year: 2009
Country: Spain
Label: Sony BMG




2. Maligno
Artist: Aterciopelados
Year: 1998
Country: Colombia
Label: RCA Records & Sony BMG




3. Clavado en un bar
Artist: Maná
Year: 1997
Country: Mexico
Label: WM Mexico




4. Algo contigo
Artist: Vicentico
Year: 2003
Country: Argentina
Label: BMG




5. Todo se transforma
Artist: Jorge Drexler
Year: 2004
Country: Uruguay/Spain
Label: Warner Music Latina




6. Me voy
Artist: Julieta Venegas
Year: 2008
Country: Mexico/USA
Label: Sony International




7. Bachata rosa
Artist: Juan Luis Guerra
Year: 1990
Country: Dominican Republic
Label: Karen Records Atco




8. Nada fue un error
Artist: Coti (feat. Julieta Venegas & Paulina Rubio)
Year: 2005
Country: Argentina/Spain
Label: Universal Music Spain




9. La Flaca
Artist: Jarabe de Palo
Year: 1996
Country: Spain
Label: EMI Music Spain




10. Lágrimas negras
Artist: Bebo Valdés & Diego el Cigala
Year: 2003
Country: Spain
Label: Calle 54 Records, BMG Music




  1. what about some songs from Cuba? They have excellent songs and music! In addition as the other comment mentioned,I would like to have the lyrics to this song.I could not find in online dictionary the meaning of some titles here…

    1. Hi Fatemeh! Thanks for commenting! Bebo Valdés, the pianist in the last track was actually Cuban! He was amazing 🙂 (The album was recorded in Spain, though.) But, yes, there is a lot of great music played and recorded in the island!

      Regarding the lyrics, unfortunately we cannot post them here because of copyright issues, but I’m sure you can find good translations of some of them if you do a search on Google. Hope this helps!

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