Llegar y besar el santo

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“Fue llegar y besar el santo.” (Lit. It was arriving and kissing the saint)

Renardeau / CC-BY-SA

This expression comes from the Catholic tradition, but is used in many everyday situations. In the past, people would walk many miles and wait for many hours in order to kiss the statue of their favorite saint. Today, the expression is used whenever one gets lucky and does not have to wait for something that normally requires a long wait.

Since Chucky’s in Soho got a C from the Department of Health, there are no two-hour wait times anymore. I was there last night and didn’t have to wait at all. Fue llegar y besar el santo.

You are visiting a friend who lives in Midtown Manhattan and you decide to drive there and must find parking.  When you arrive to 36th and 6th, right where your friend’s apartment is, you see a car pulling out and you take the space. You say: Llegar y besar el santo.

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