Being Hispanic / Spanish-language media / Peruvian expressions

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Here are some great reads for the weekend. Enjoy!

Part 1: The Census

Who is Hispanic?, by Mark Hugo Lopez et al.

In this article from Pew Research Center’s Fact Tank, the authors explain the self-identification guidelines the Census uses to count who is Hispanic. It includes great examples like these ones:

Q. I immigrated to Phoenix from Mexico. Am I Hispanic?
A. You are if you say so.
Q. I was born in Maryland and married an immigrant from El Salvador. Am I Hispanic?
A. You are if you say so.

Part 2: The Media

The State of Spanish-Language Media in the U.S., from NPR’s All Things Considered

In this 3-minute interview, journalism professor Graciela Mochkofsky talks about the current state of things.

Part 3: Peruvian expressions

Here are three articles recommended by María Chanamé discussing several Peruvian expressions foreigners (and even native Spanish speakers from other places) struggle with. There’s lots of fun ones!

“Asu mare”, “qué palta”, “estar misio”… Algunas de las expresiones que deberías aprender para entender a los peruanos

12 expresiones peruanas que confunden a los extranjeros

20 frases que solo los peruanos son capaces de entender

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