Vocabulario de Halloween

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Here’s a list of Halloween-related terms:

Disfraz – costume

Hueso – bone

Sangre – blood

Tela de araña – spiderweb

Calavera – skull

Cadáver – corpse/cadaver

Murciélago – bat

Gato negro – black cat

Ataúd – coffin

Tumba – grave/tomb

Lápida – tombstone

Cementerio – cemetery

Cripta – crypt

Oscuridad – darkness

Trick or treat – truco o trato [1]

Dulces – sweets [2]

Encantado/a – haunted

Colmillos – fangs

Niebla – fog/mist

Fantasma – ghost

Calabaza de Halloween (sorry, it doesn’t have a specific name in Spanish!) – jack-o’-lantern

Luz de la luna – moonlight

Misterioso/a – mysterious

Pesadilla – nightmare

DEP (descanse en paz) – RIP (rest in peace)

Hechizo – spell

Supernatural – supernatural

Sombra – shadow

Vampiro – vampire

Brujería – witchcraft

Zombi – zombie [3]

[1] This is the typical translation you’ll find in movies, books, etc., but it doesn’t sound very natural, as truco is usually understood as a simple magic trick, and trato is understood as “deal” (it doesn’t have the meaning of “something good given to someone”).

[2] Dulces is understood in many Spanish speaking territories as “artisanal sweets.” Caramelo, which is usually translated as candy, is usually understood as “hard candy,” specifically. For “chewy candy,” a common term would be golosina. For industrial-made, chocolate-based candy (like Kit Kat, Twist, Snickers, etc.) the most common term is chocolatina.

[3] Please see our zombie apocalypse vocabulary guide.

Una calabaza de Halloween. / tOrange.biz – https://torange.biz/24282.html, CC BY 4.0

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