How to watch movies and shows en español

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We’re always insisting that students watch TV in Spanish as often as they can, as it’s a great way to improve your pronunciation and listening skills and widen your vocabulary. But, sometimes, people have a hard time finding shows in Spanish on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, as their filters are not very instinctive. Here’s how to do it:


Netflix doesn’t let you filter by language, but it has some “hidden” categories that include all the movies and TV shows in Spanish that they have. You just have to type “Spanish” in the search field, and their algorithm will automatically suggest the following categories:

Spanish-Language Movies
Spanish-Language TV Shows

Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot: Netflix



Hulu does have a language filter (sort of). It’s a category called Latino (whatever that means). They have dozens of movies, series, and random shows you can binge watch, including some interesting reality television.

Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot: Hulu


Amazon Prime

Amazon doesn’t really offer any “latino” or “Spanish language” filter, but you can see all their stuff in Spanish by typing “español” in the Prime Video search box.

Here’s a screenshot:





  1. Too often Spanish heard on TV, movies or news, are spoken TOO rapidly to understand, and often with a dialect which compounds the problem. Furthermore, spanish TV imitates American TV with a lot of hysterical people trashing out their problems. I would like to watch Lectures in spanish on intelligent subjects and/or dialogues among speakers on subjects ranging from history, philosophy, politics, science — you know. . .the good stuff.

    1. Hola Costanza. Thanks for your comment 🙂 There are several lectures in Spanish on Youtube, and you could also check out some TED talks en español. Keep in mind, however, that lecturers and scholars also speak very rapidly!

  2. True — some lecturers and scholars speak too rapidly. But the subject-matter they offer keeps me interested and motivated to hang on. Not so for boring, trash soap-opera hysterical shows which compel me to keep my finger on “click-off” mode.

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