Ten songs in Spanish

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As we all know, you can pick up lots of vocabulary and improve your pronunciation and listening skills by listening to music in Spanish. From time to time we like to share songs and/or artists that we like in this newsletter to help you discover new sounds. Here are ten great songs by ten great artists:

1. Mi niña Lola, by Buika


2. Flaca, by Andrés Calamaro


3. A la primera persona, by Alejandro Sanz


4. Suerte, by Shakira


5. Limón y sal, by Julieta Venegas


6. Mala gente, by Juanes


7. Princesas, by Pereza


8. Quiero tener tu presencia, by Seguridad Social


9. Corazón espinado, by Santana (ft. Maná)


10. Sin documentos, by Los Rodriguez

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