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Here are seven reputable newspapers in Spanish that you can read online:

1. Clarín

Founded in Buenos Aires, in 1945, Clarín is the largest newspaper in Argentina. It currently prints and distributes around 330,000 copies.

2. El Espectador

El Espectador is a centre-left newspaper from Bogotá, Colombia, with a Sunday circulation of around 190,000 copies.

3. La Prensa Libre

In addition to the strong economics and opinion sections, the Quiosco area of this Costa Rican newspaper’s website is especially interesting: it features articles on food, pets, theater, and technology, among other topics, in a really easy-to-navigate format.

4. Diario Expreso

Published in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, this newspapers features breaking news from Ecuador and Latin America.

5. El Comercio

This Peruvian newspaper also publishes different blogs that cover topics such as cars, housing, decor, health, and fashion.

6. El País

El País is Spain’s most circulated newspaper, currently printing around 473,000 copies. It’s a highly reputable newspaper, and it also hosts dozens of blogs on a variety of topics.

7. El Diario

New York City’s most important Spanish-language newspaper El Diario NY covers a wide array of topics including US politics, immigration, sports, and public health.

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