Tips to learn faster

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-Hola, me llamo María. ¿Quieren hablar en español conmigo? -¡Claro que sí! / iStock

Here are four activities you can do that will have a huge, positive impact in your Spanish language learning process:

1. Download one vocabulary-based app and one flash-card style app (check out our recommendations), and spend a few minutes every day practicing with your phone or your computer.

2. Watch some TV in Spanish. It will really help you improve your listening skills (you can have English subtitles or Spanish subtitles; it’s up to you). Here are some good shows in Spanish available in the US.

3. Listen to music sung in Spanish and memorize some of the lyrics. Here are some ideas.

4. Try to practice as much as you can. Talk to people in Spanish. Meet up with your classmates and practice Spanish. Find a native Spanish speaker who wants to practice English, and set up language exchange sessions.

(If you are currently taking classes at Berges, you’ll become very familiar with these tips, as they are now included in every class reminder we send!)

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