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Glass Water
“Beatriz me pidió un vaso de agua”. /

When do we use pedir (to ask for) and when do we use preguntar (to ask)?

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

We use pedir (to ask for) when asking for favors, services or inanimate objects, and we never use a preposition with it (pedir already means to ask for or to request, we will never use it with por or para).

Here are some examples:

Juan le pidió un favor a María.

Juan asked María for a favor.

Beatriz me pidió un vaso de agua.

Beatriz asked me for a glass of water.

¿Puedes pedirle la cuenta al camarero, por favor?

Can you ask the waiter for the check, please?

No me pidas eso.

Don’t ask me for that.

¿Lo pedirás?

Will you ask for it?

We use preguntar (to ask) for questions or for inquiring “about something”.
Here are some examples:

Le pregunté sobre su familia.

I asked him/her about his/her family.

María me preguntó sobre el asunto.

María asked me about the matter.

Finalmente le pregunté la pregunta.

I finally asked him/her the question.

Verbo de la semana:

Entrenar (to train)

Alberto entrena cada día en el gimnasio.

Alberto trains every day at the gym.

¿Entrenaste ayer?

Did you train yesterday?

Para ser un nadador profesional, tienes que entrenar cada día, todo el día.

In order to be a professional swimmer, you have to train every day, all day long.

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