El verbo GUSTAR

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Que te gusta

Level: intermediate

Gustar is one of those Spanish verbs where the cause of pleasure is the subject, and it does the action to the person, which is expressed by using an indirect object pronoun (me, te, le, nos, os, les).

Me gusta [una cosa] means I like [something], but it is really built in a way that in English would literally read “[something] pleases me”.

Here are some examples:

Spanish English. (English, literal translation)
Me gustan las manzanas. I like apples. (Apples please me.)
¿Te gusta la música pop? Do you like pop music? (Does pop music please you?)
Le gusta bailar. She likes to dance. (To dance pleases her.)
Me gustas. I like you. (You please me.)
Te gusto. You like me. (I please you.)
Nos gustan Juan y Laura. We like Juan and Laura. (Juan and Laura please us.)
No les gusta este programa de televisión. They don’t like this TV show. (This TV show does not please them.)
¿Qué te gusta? What do you like? (What pleases you?)

Verbo de la semana:

Recoger (to pick up)


Fui a la granja de mi tío para recoger manzanas. I went to my uncle’s farm to pick up apples.
Ayer recogí a mi hermana en el aeropuerto. Yesterday, I picked up my sister at the airport.
¿Recogiste el correo? Did you pick up the mail?

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