Berges Chicago, a book and a movie

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Before we get to the blog post, we just wanted to share some great news: Berges Institute Chicago is finally open! Yes!

If you live in Chicago, you can view all the classes offered in the Class Levels and Schedule section of our website.

Let’s now get to the blog post. Here is a new article from Vanessa’s monthly section, Algunas cosas buenas y otras no tanto, where she recommends movies, books, places, and websites, among other things. The articles are written both in English and Spanish. (You can see her previous articles on our blog.) Enjoy!

Algunas cosas buenas y otras no tanto

Recomendaciones mensuales de Vanessa Montilla
Vanessa Montilla’s monthly recommendations


Un libro y una película: El guardián invisible

El guardián invisible es la adaptación al cine de la novela homónima de Dolores Redondo que pertenece a la Trilogía del Baztán. El guardián invisible es un thriller psicológico con una atmósfera oscura e inquietante, dirigido por Fernando González Molina (Palmeras en la nieve, Tres metros sobre el cielo).

A orillas del río Baztán aparece el cadáver de una adolescente en circunstancias que relacionan ese crimen con un asesinato ocurrido un mes atrás. La inspectora de homicidios Amaia Salazar es la encargada de investigar el crimen. Casualmente, la inspectora nació en el valle de Baztán y, con su regreso, deberá enfrentarse a un pasado del que ella prefiere huir.

El guardián invisible esta disponible en Netflix.


El primer capítulo de la novela está disponible en la página web de la autora.

El libro completo está disponible en Amazon.

A book and a movie: The Invisible Guardian

The Invisible Guardian is the adaptation to the cinema of the homonymous novel by Dolores Redondo that belongs to The Baztán Trilogy. The Invisible Guardian is a psychological thriller with a dark and disturbing atmosphere, directed by Fernando González Molina (Palm Trees in the Snow, Three Steps Above Heaven).

On the banks of the Baztan River, the body of a teenager is found in circumstances that connect that crime to a murder that occurred a month ago. The homicide inspector Amaia Salazar is in charge of investigating the crime. Coincidentally, the inspector was born in the valley of Baztán and, with her return, she will have to face a past from which she prefers to flee.

The Invisible Guardian is available on Netflix.


The first chapter of the novel is available on the author’s website.

The complete book is available on Amazon.

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