Social network vocabulary

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Here is list of social network-related terms. They might be useful if you decide to switch your language settings to Spanish in your Instagram account (which you should do) and/or start tweeting in Spanish every morning. (If you are planning to end some of your tweets with an exclamation point, remember to always use an opening one as well: ‘¡’.)

Red social – social network

Usuario/a – user

Contraseña – password

Cuenta – account

Perfil – profile

Seguidor(a) – follower

Muro – wall

Post (usado en Facebook/Instagram) – post

Entrada (usado en blogs) – post

Like / me gusta – Like

Comentario – comment

Selfi – selfie

Foro – message board / forum

Hilo – thread

Responder – to answer / to reply

Tuitear – to tweet

Retuitear – to retweet

Etiquetar – to tag

Hashtag – hashtag

Tendencias – trends

Contenido viral – viral content

Meme – meme

Trolear – to troll

Selfi de Naruto, un macaco de Indonesia que apretó el disparador de la cámara de David Slater y más tarde demandó al fotógrafo a través de PETA.

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