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Reading is a great way to improve your grammar and learn new words. You can read books, magazines, newspapers, blogs… Here are some helpful ideas:


1. See our article recommending blogs in Spanish

Reading blogs is a fun, useful way of improving your theme-specific vocabulary. Check out our suggested blogs and learn about fashion, cooking, technology, etc.


2. Visit the Berges Institute Bookstore

As you probably know, we have a bookstore. To access its online version, you can go to our website and click “Bookstore” on the main menu. As you will see, in addition to the five volumes of The Graf Method for Spanish Language, we have three Spanish literature books available for purchase. Here they are:


Niebla, by Miguel de Unamuno (Bilbao, Spain, 1864 – Salamanca, Spain, 1936)

This is a relatively easy-to-read classic novel by one of the most renowned members of the Generation of 98’ in Spain. Written using simple, direct prose and bringing out profound meditations on life and existence,
Niebla still manages to maintain a comic tone throughout its entire fast-paced plot.




Cuentos de la selva, by Horacio Quiroga (Salto, Uruguay, 1878 – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1937)

This work, which consists of six short “jungle stories,” was originally conceived as a book for kids. It has become, however, one of the all-time-favorites for Spanish-as-a-second-language students, who’ll always enjoy a book that is easy to read and entertaining, and still holds a highly artistic literary quality.




Cuentos españoles, by Berges Institute.

This is a collection of short stories that were published during the nineteenth and early twentieth century in Spain in different media. It features some of the most important storytellers of all times in Spanish literature, including but not limited to Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Emilia Pardo Bazán, and Benito Pérez Galdós. Recommended for advanced students only!



3. Read newspapers in Spanish

These days, you can easily read newspapers online, either from your computer or from your phone. Many newspapers in Spanish offer an app you can download and install that will automatically update new content. Here are some recommendations: El País, El Mundo, Clarín, Diario de México, El Universal.

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