Math Vocabulary

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Here is a list of math-related terms. We can’t teach you how to compute a derivative, but we can teach you how to say it in Spanish!

Número primo – prime number
Par / impar – even / odd
Íntegro – integer
Decimal – decimal
Positivo / negativo – positive / negative
Sumar – to add
Restar – to subtract
Multiplicar – to multiply
Dividir – to divide
El denominador – the denominator
Mínimo común múltiplo – least common multiple
Máximo común denominador – greatest common denominator
La media – the average
El exponente – the exponent
La potencia – the power
Elevado a – raised to
La raíz cuadrada – the square root
El algoritmo – the algorithm
La ecuación – the equation
La fracción – the fraction
El logaritmo – the logarithm
La función – the function
La derivada – the derivative
La integral – the integral
Álgebra – algebra
Teoría de conjuntos – set theory
La variable – the variable
El teorema – the theorem

Lastly, here’s a super interesting TED talk by Terry Moore about using ‘x’ as the unknown. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 4.34.39 PM 2

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