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‘Juernes’ is a neologism (a newly coined word) used both in Spain and Latin America to refer to a Thursday that feels like a Friday. As you can probably guess, it’s built by combining the words ‘jueves’ and ‘viernes’. It’s a pretty cool concept, isn’t it?

Here are the three main uses:

1. College students who often don’t have class on Fridays commonly think of every Thursday in their life as a ‘juernes’:

¡Vamos a salir esta noche, es juernes, mañana no hay clase!
2. Adults in general use it similarly when they don’t have to work on a specific Friday:

¡Vamos a salir esta noche, es juernes, mañana tengo el día libre!
3. Adults in general sometimes use it when, even though they have responsibilities on Friday, they feel like, even though it’s technically ‘jueves’, it feels too much like ‘viernes’ (for whatever reason), and thus it’s ‘juernes’:

¡Vamos a salir esta noche, yo también tengo que trabajar mañana, pero hoy es juernes!

Cool, isn’t it? ¡Feliz juernes!

Juernes screenshot
Screenshot of Google’s image search result for ‘juernes’, proving the popularity of the term.

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