Adverbs ending in -mente

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As you have probably noticed, we can turn adjectives into adverbs in Spanish by adding the suffix “-mente” to their feminine version (or to their singular version if the adjective is neutral).

This is very similar to English: we can add the suffix “-ly” to many adjectives with the same results.

Here are some common ones:

Fácilmente – easily

Difícilmente – with difficulty

Honestamente – honestly

Tranquilamente – quietly

Amablemente – kindly

Elegantemente – elegantly

Perfectamente – perfectly

Rápidamente – rapidly

Lentamente – slowly

Finalmente – finally

Afortunadamente – fortunately

Desafortunadamente – unfortunately

Completamente – completely

Totalmente – totally

Felizmente – happily

Tristemente – sadly

Sorprendentemente – surprisingly

Practice – Translate the following sentences

1. I am happily married.
2. This is completely unacceptable.
3. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see you tonight.
4. Finally, John called me.
5. Honestly, I don’t know.
6. Fortunately, my wife is here.
7. Can you speak slowly?
8. Sadly, I have to work today.




Correct answers for Practice – Translate the following sentences:
1. Estoy felizmente casado/a. 2. Esto es completamente inaceptable. 3. Desafortunadamente, no voy a poder/no podré verte esta noche. 4. Finalmente, John me llamó. 5. Honestamente, no sé. 6. Afortunadamente, mi esposa está aquí. 7. ¿Puedes hablar lentamente? 8. Tristemente, tengo que trabajar hoy.

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