Regular Verbs

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Here is a short list of regular verbs. Can you conjugate them in the present, pretérito perfecto, pretérito imperfecto and future tenses?


Amar – to love
Alquilar – to rent
Ayudar – to help
Bailar – to dance
Caminar – to walk
Cantar – to sing
Cenar – to dine/to have dinner
Cocinar – to cook
Comprar – to buy
Desayunar – to have breakfast
Descansar – to rest/to relax
Enviar – to send
Escuchar – to listen
Esperar – to wait
Estudiar – to study
Explicar – to explain
Hablar – to talk/to speak
Lavar – to wash
Limpiar – to clean
Llamar – to call
Llegar* – to arrive**
Llevar – to take/to carry/to wear
Mirar – to look/to watch
Manejar – to drive/to handle
Odiar – to hate
Olvidar – to forget
Pagar* – to pay
Pintar – to paint
Preguntar – to ask
Preparar – to prepare
Regalar – to give (as a present)
Terminar – to end/to finish
Tocar*** – to touch/to play an instrument
Tomar – to take/to grab/to have (for food & drink)
Trabajar – to work
Usar – to use
Viajar – to travel
Visitar – to visit


Beber –  to drink
Comer – to eat
Comprender – to understand
Correr – to run
Creer**** – to believe
Leer**** – to read
Responder – to answer/to respond
Vender – to sell


Abrir – to open
Discutir – to argue
Escribir – to write
Recibir – to receive
Vivir – to live

* In the pretérito perfecto tense, llegar and pagar have a spelling change on their first person singular: llegué, pagué.
** Also, llegar always uses the preposition a: Llegué a la oficina (I arrived at/in the office).
***In the pretérito perfecto tense, tocar has a spelling change in the first person singular: toqué.
**** In the pretérito perfecto tense, leer and creer have a spelling change on their third person singular (leyó, creyó) and third person plural (leyeron, creyeron).

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